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Meddy x Cozy – Otukpo Na Our Lagos

February 13, 2018


“Otukpo Na Our Lagos” is a phrase that has been
trending for a while now in Benue State, a
movement believed to be started by Meddy and
pioneered by all Otukpo repping entertainers.
Otukpo is a town and one of the oldest Local
Government Area in Benue State which is believed
to have housed so many entertainers both home
and beyond, it is also believed that whatever
greener pastures people find in Lagos can be
found in the great Otukpo town, hence, this
movement was born.
Ageless music’s Meddy and Cozy has decided to
use a song to foster the movement better, here is
“Otukpo Na Our Lagos” by 2 sons of the Otukpo
Soil. Download and listen to the Everyoungzy’s
produced and Benzee D Soundkraft’s mixed song

DOWNLOAD FRESH: Meddy x Cozy – Otukpo Na
Our Lagos HERE

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